I woke up gay – A stroke turned me gay (BBC, UK, 2012)

iwokeupgay_chrisIn the small town of Ystrad Mynach, South Wales, seven years ago, a 19-stone rugby-playing ladies man and bank clerk Chris Birch snapped his neck while larking around doing somersaults and backflips with his friends. As the tabloids excitedly revealed a while ago, he suffered a massive stroke and woke up as a completely different person – a person who happened to be gay.

The crux of the documentary was whether Birch truly „woke up gay” – was it really a transformation, as he insists, or merely a realisation of something that had been dormant within him his whole life? Nobody knows, and the lack of co-operation from people from Birch’s past (including his mother, who is still struggling to come to terms with her reborn son) meant that, by the end of the documentary, we were just as bewildered as we were at the start.

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