Breaking Borders: Cross-Dressers & Drag Queens of El Paso, TX – (USA, 2009)

Every Thursday night at a local Taco Cabana in El Paso Texas, Manuel Nunez and friends put on a cross dressing drag queen show titled „Samantha’s Travesti Show”. Through the use of comedy and entertainment, Samantha, Viviana, & Zayda break the borders of transsexual identity and acceptance.

BREAKING BORDERS CROSS DRESSERS & DRAG QUEENS OF EL PASO TXThis is a 13-minute documentary film that chronicles the one night performance of three cross dressers in El Paso, Texas as they inform the audience about why they chose their part-time profession. As individuals, these performers break numerous “borders” which range from societal to literal, as they cross over from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to perform for their fans. “There are people who don’t applaud and others who are apathetic to our show,” states Manuel “Samantha” Nunez. “We want people to laugh and have fun with us. It’s for people who want to forget ordinary life.”

Starring: Manuel „Samantha” Nunez, Edgar „Viviana” Reyes, Zayda Queen

Directed By: Diana Cordova
Produced By: Carlos Corral, Benny Ontiveros, Diana Cordova, John Castaneda


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