Nitrate Kisses – (USA, 1992)

41M+X7SKFCLNitrate Kisses is a 1992 experimental documentary film directed by Barbara Hammer. Nitrate Kisses este un film documentar experimental din 1992, regizat de Barbara Hammer.

According to Hammer, it is an exploration of the repression and marginalization of LGBT people since the First World War. B. Hammer descrie filmul său ca fiind o explorare a represiunii şi a marginalizării persoanelor LGBT, începând din perioada primului război mondial şi până în anii 90.


바버라_해머-2-FVisually structured around four couples making love, one couple at a time; narratively structured around four chapters in lesbian life: older women talking about what it was like in the 30s, 40s and 50s; a look at the hidden eroticism of movies; the repression of gays under the Third Reich; and, the work of the Lesbian Herstory Archives in New York City.   300_nitrate_kissesThe narrative voices and the couples making love share the film with photographs, movie outtakes, newsreel archives, and individuals relating events in their lives. The film calls lesbians to tell their stories; it also dramatizes the importance of telling the story of the loss of stories. Written by <>


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