A right to be gay in Russia – (UK, 1996)

A right to be gay – A Film By Lighthouse Pacific (Mark Davis)
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures7ab22581742467bd37b612f125880489

The communist concept of a superior Socialist man still engenders a deep seated revulsion against men who deviate from the norm. A homosexual human rights group breaks into its own clubhouse after it was illegally closed down by marauding police. Boys who were beaten up during the raid are too scared to complain in case their families are made to suffer. A group of friends sitting in the sunshine by the river discuss homosexuality. 21 year old Sergei proudly admits to gay bashing.  hqdefaultThey all agree that gays should not „show off in public”. It is only in selective clubs that gays can flaunt their sexuality in safety. The fear is that even this limited freedom might be taken away.


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