Rock and Roll Heart – Lou Reed Documentary (American Masters) – (USA, 1998)

Inimă din Rock and Roll + Un documentar despre Lou Reed

lou-reedVULou Reed (n. 2 martie 1942) este un muzician cunoscut ca fiind chitaristul și vocalistul formației The Velvet Underground. Ca principal textier în formația Velvet Underground, Reed a scris versuri care nu prea au fost folosite în muzica rock, abordând subiecte precum sexul, consumul de droguri, homosexualitatea, prostituţia masculină, etc.

Ca chitarist, a fost pionierul multor efecte (incluzând distorsionare, feedback) și acordarea chitarei într-un mod ,,nonconvențional pentru a obţine sunete neobișnuite.  Piesele Sweet JaneVenus In FursHeroin, Take a walk on the wild side l-au făcut cunoscut atât în SUA cât şi pe plan internaţional. Împreună cu formația Velvet Underground, Lou Reed este considerat unul dintre inventatorii genului punk.

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Lou-Reed-lou-reed-24175451-384-350501403698_MI0001403698Rock and Roll Heart traces Lou Reed’s career from the formation of the Velvet Underground to rock icon to his more recent artistic endeavors. Includes lots of rare and vintage footage along with interviews with David Bowie, John Cale, Patti Smith, Thurston Moore, David Byrne, Jim Carroll, Maureen Tucker, Suzanne Vega, Dave Stewart and Philip Glass. An excellent documentary (and the only one) about this hugely influential and uncompromising American artist. Directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders for American Masters and screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 1998.

For those who aren’t aware, Lou Reed is known as the Godfather of Punk. It’s a monicker he’s avoided at all costs since punk music first hit the scene in the mid-`70s. Lou always considered himself too literate, too intelligent to be called the progenitor of a music scene known more for its style than its substance (whether it deserved it or not).

lou_reed-street_hassleStreet Hassle was Lou’s bitch-slap to the punk scene. It was a reminder that in order to talk the talk you better fuckin’ walk the walk. Anyone who grew up in the `80s (I was born in `73) may not know that Lou put himself at the front of the gay movement in the `70s. He claimed that he was what mainstream America feared: A gay man who won’t take shit. A gay man who’ll stand there onstage and inject heroin, tying the mic chord around his upper arm. A gay man who dated a transsexual for much of the mid-`70s (and to whom the title track of Street Hassle is dedicated). Hell, the first track opens with Lou having a conversation with himself, calling himself a „fuckin’ faggot.” 

If you are new to Lou, this album may take a few spins for you to truly appreciate its value. Always the quintessential New York poet, the album oozes with his very personal, very disturbing portraits of the city’s darkened alleys and streets.

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