Stephen Fry „Out There” Episode 1&2 – (BBC, UK, 2013)

Stephen Fry „Out There” Episode 1&2

1266584975Stephen_FryStephen Fry begins his journey not far from home as he talks to Sir Elton John and David Furnish about their experiences coming out. He then makes his way to Uganda where the government is proposing a new law that would put gay people to death. He then makes his way to America to learn more about the workings of Reparative Therapy. Stephen Fry Out There follows the popular comedian as he travels around the world to learn what it means to be gay. He visits the countries of Uganda, America, Russia, Brazil and India and along the way encounters some of the most notorious homophobes on the planet.

Episode 1 (14.Oct. 2013)

Episode 2 (A documentary on homophobia in all its nasty variants. Stephen Fry has interviewed homophobes and homosexuals around the world).

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