The Kenneth Williams Story – (UK, 2002)

The Kenneth Williams Story – A Reputations Special

303044_1243100287Finicky, hygiene-obsessed comic actor Kenneth Williams, living in a flat block with mutually adoring mother Louie, looks back on his life. At loggerheads with his homophobic father over his career Kenny fulfils his dream of becoming a classical actor but is spun off into comedy,allowing full rein to his crowd-pleasing array of funny voices.

Kenneth WilliamsA compulsive, often selfish performer off-screen, he becomes a national treasure following the radio show ‘Round the Horne’ and the successful series of film farces ‘Carry On’… though he is disdainful of the latter,given that he once trod the boards with Orson Welles. Privately he is a tormented closet gay, sickened by his sexuality, unlike his friend, promiscuous playwright Joe Orton, and desperately asks his ‘Carry On’ co-star Joan Sims for a show marriage, which she refuses. Ultimately  Louie’s death, his own hypochondria, a down turn in work and a sense of his own isolation will result in a fatal encounter with a bottle of tablets in 1988.

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