Who Needs Hollywood! – (USA, 2000)

Un film documentar despre EZTV, un colectiv de regizori/activişti culturali queer, fondat în 1979, în West Hollywood,California, de către John Dorr.

EZTV_20131104_FrontFounded by John Dorr in 1979, EZTV was an artist-run space in West Hollywood dedicated to the presentation and production of alternative video projects. Perhaps the country’s first micro-cinema dedicated exclusively to video, EZTV’s early, predominately queer members produced numerous video projects from campy shorts to feature-length docs to experimental video installations.

404366662_640Long before The Blair Witch Project, John Dorr took a B&W serveillance camera and Betamax deck and made what was probably the first feature length film on video. This half-hour documentary looks at the movies he made and the work created at EZTV, the video arts center founded by John.

Who Needs Hollywood! screened at The New York Underground Film Festival, The Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, The Chicago Underground Film Festival, Mix 2000 New York Gay and Lesbian Experimental Film Festival, Triangle Television in New Zealand.

Director/Producer: Nina Rota
Composer: Carolyn Stockbridge
Photography: Julia Brandreth


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