Queer Geography: Mapping Our Identities – (USA, 2001)

Mapping Our Identities (scurt metraj – fără subtitrare în lb. română)

165045985_640Co-produced by two high school students, Queer Geography is a short documentary which explores the lives of four queer youth, ages 16-20. The video examines sexual orientation, coming out, family life and dealing with being „out” in school.

What sets Queer Geography apart from most videos dealing with queer youth, is that its protagonists are not „role models” armed with grand accomplishments designed to illicit sympathy, and intended to compensate for their sexuality. The lives of the youth in this video are complicated by a multitude of oppressions, namely racism and a juvenile justice system with the potential to keep young people in a cycle of incarceration.

On a more hopeful note, Queer Geography also addresses how community organizations play a role in the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth today. It stresses the importance of adult and institutional support and how this support may help combat alienation and violence faced by gay youth. In addition, Queer Geography identifies the presence of homophobia and heterosexism in our society and its statistical and personal effects on the lives of queer youth.


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