Charles – (Holland, 2002)

Un film documentar despre cântăreţul şi artistul de travesti gay Charles Lücker AKA Vera Springveer (1965-2008)

A musical portrait from Amsterdam, full of jazz and rock-‘n-roll, gays and straights, champagne and meditation. On dark desires and stiletto heels in the mud. On wild nightlife and inner peace.

Documentary by Eddi Bal about singer/drag queen Charles Lücker AKA Vera Springveer (1965-2008)
(Dutch with English subtitles)

30d651a5374703d38575e682ba189ab0Gay & Night September-October 1999 p. 27
column lust for life

It’s all happening in Vera’s Lounge!

Celebrities like Bette Midler and Marry Manilow preceded her with renowned performances in the steamy Continental Bathhouse in the Big Apple. This autumn sees our very own diva Vera Springveer with a new show in Amsterdam’s famous Thermos sauna following last year’s huge success, Vera will be once again receiving famous and sweet-voiced female guests in Vera’s lounge.

What could be a better than winding up a wild, hot weekend with a trip to the sauna, to indulge yourself a little and go on the razzle before reality sinks its sharp teeth into you on Monday morning. You and all those horny hunks eager to snatch a little last bit of fun before the weekend draws to a close. It is in this cruisy setting, can you imagine that we find Vera Springveer performing with her combo, the Dean Martinis, as they entertain the crowd with jazzy and easy tune covers. For one hour on every 3rd Sunday of the month. And each time with a different celebrity guest. The tunes range from classics like „Fever” and the subtle and melancholy „Always something there to remind me” to pick-me-up numbers like „Feeling Good”. Amusement it certainly is, but entertainment too, with a serious undertone. For between the numbers and quips there’s always that gentle Vera reminder to play it safe.The numbers are well chosen to suit the mood, and they seem to go down well with a crowd slowly recovering from a weekend of drinks, drugs and sex.

dafd1cb0f0a766f84763744033abb157Vera’s guests and fellow songstresses are all performers she knows well from various shows and acts she has toured with all over the country. And when asked to put in a guest appearance at the sauna, most jump at the chance. Vera: „Well, just imagine it. All those half-naked them with just a towel around the waist. And every now and again a veritable barge pole sauntering past. The girls just can’t believe their eyes.” The show’s formula has changed slightly from last season. The four shows each have a separate theme. October’s is Jealousy and Adultery, and of course there will be a repertoire of appropriate songs, including „He’s making love to you, but he’s thinking of me”. In November, the theme is Drops Outs and the year’s fourth and final theme will be The Day After. Vera: „For that last show I’ve picked a song by Stockard Chenning ‘There are worse things I could do’. Seems just the right choice to get a bit of a message across. You know, it doesn’t matter how much of a slut someone might seem, just as long as they’re safe.”

„In each show I sing a few songs, my guest sings one and we end with a duet. I chat away with the audience, to my guest and basically talk my way from one song to the next. All light fun entertainment for a relaxed Sunday afternoon in the sauna.”

Arjen Broekhuizen


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