Over the rainbow – (USA, 2012)

A personal and revealing experience with the Gay Pride Parade in Pittsburgh during the summer of 2012.

For most of my life I have identified as a lesbian. As I got older acceptance became easier to find. For my documentary, we were all asked what was important to us. What story did we want to tell? What in society mattered to us? For me, the decision was simple. I set out to tell my story of self-acceptance while also showcasing the LGTBQ lifestyle in Pittsburgh. Specifically the annual Pride festival held each June. In my adventures this summer I met so many interesting people who were willing to share their individual stories and what it truly means to have pride. On this journey I learned so much about myself and what it means to be gay today. „Over the Rainbow” takes you on an amazing ride to Pittsburgh Pride 2012 and so much more.


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