The Toilers and the Wayfarers – (USA,1996)

51vOgTV61WL002Phillip and Dieter nearly suffocate hiding their sexual identity in the face of puritanical small town values. Joined by a mysterious German relative, the three misfits escape to the big city searching for a place to belong.

Three young men head to the big city for adventure and end up exploited and alone on the unforgiving urban streets in this cautionary drama. Initially set in New Ulm, Minnesota, it follows the exploits of two sixteen-year-old boys, the good looking Dieter and the mischievous Phillip. Both boys are find life in the small, largely Teutonic and conservative burg oppressive and unbearably dull. Some excitement comes in the form of Udo, the German nephew of Dieter’s aunt. Phillip abruptly leaves townafter Dieter spurns his tentative sexual advances. Dieter stays behind and endures taunts and gossip about his being gay. When his aunt dies, Udo takes the money he inherited and buys a sports car. He and Dieter then follow Phillip to the city


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