Home for the golden gays – (Denmark, 2010)

homeforthegoldengays0043 homeforthegoldengays0191Povestea emoţionantă a lui Leony, un fost prostituat gay de 80 de ani…unul dintre barbaţii homosexuali în vârstă din azilul Golden Gays din Manila.

On a quiet side street, tucked away from the noisy, polluted traffic of the city, there is a special place. Since 1969 Home for the Golden Gays has been a refuge for the elderly and vulnerable gays of Manila. A home for those, who have nowhere else to go, for those whose families have rejected them, and for those who simply want to be in the company of other elderly gays.

The short documentary ‘Home for the Golden Gays’ tells the story of 80-year-old Leony, who spent most of his life as a prostitute for the American soldiers, 52-year-old Frederica who was abandoned by his mother at age 7 for being too ‘girly’, and 58-year-old Semmy who spent his whole life hiding his sexuality. Now Semmy is considering visiting the house, but “God created us as man and woman,” as Semmy has been taught. What will his son think of him if he goes?

‘Home for the Golden Gays’ is a short documentary film produced by Nola Grace Gaardmand, Dennis Lehmann, Theis Clausen and Timothy Ahrensbach for the Danish Foreign Ministry


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