D.R.A.G. – (Australia, 2012)

A documentary about Melbourne Drag Kings. What are Drag kings, why are they not as well known at Drag Queens and what is holding them back?
Stars Melbourne iconic Drag King, Rocco D’Amore and Melbourne’s own Rabbot Hutch.


Rocco D’Amore Interview

There’s plenty more to the art of drag king performance that wacking on a faux-mo and shoving a pair of sucks down your pants.

When Rocco D’Amore strutted his stuff on the Opera House stage during November’s cabaret spectacular Drag! Camp as Christmas, the smooth-as-silk drag king’s ability to capture the essence of European masculinity left audiences begging for more. While D’Amore learnt some of his sharpest moves on the Sydney drag king circuit in the early noughties, the suave performer has been wowing Melbourne audiences for the past few years, and is back to spread a little bent amore in Sydney again during Mardi Gras.
We caught up with the drag king de jour to find out what makes this Casanova tick.

So Rocco, tell us what first attracted you to drag king culture?
It was definitely the suits and the facial hair.

Is this the first time a drag king has graced a Mardi Gras campaign?
In that outfit, yes.

If Rocco had an online dating profile, what would it read?
Tall, dark and handsome Italian guy looking for sassy, sensual and saucy woman to serenade and share his homemade Italian pork sausage with.


Why thank you.

What signature performances can we expect to see from Mr D’Amore?
I’m guessing a little bit of George Michael magic could be on the cards.

Does Rocco’s irresistible sex appeal leave both gay men and women feeling hot under the collar and therefore slightly confused?
That would be a big yes, but I would have to add that it also applies to straight women and men too. Along with grandmas!

Is Rocco an Old Spice kinda guy or is he moving with the scent of the modern man these days?
He’s a Giorgio Armani kinda guy. Dresses well, eats well, exercises daily, reads, and drinks imported beer.

What’s next on the Rocco D’Amore touring calendar for 2010?
Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and maybe a tour of the west coast of America.

A 2010 interview published in



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