Johnny & Lyman: A Life Together (World’s Longest Gay Relationship) – (USA, 2010)

Johnny & Lyman: A Life Together (World’s Longest Gay Relationship)

„Viaţa împreună  pentru 63 de ani a lui Johnny cu Lyman… istoria emoţionantă a unui cuplu masculin gay.”

41GShG-oR6LThe documentary profiles the relationship of two men who enjoyed perhaps the longest term gay relationship ever recorded (65 years). They lived together through tremendous social change—who met the day WWII ended, and since then, have never parted. As an art director and film editor, they worked in film, television, and on Broadway. Their historical perspectives span pre-Stonewall to present, providing fascinating insights into how much has changed for GLBT people. After 63 years of committed life together, we are privileged to watch them obtain a marriage license and legally marry, and watch the community honor and recognize their life together. They share their insights on monogamy and commitment with disarming candor and insight. Their touching story offers a universal message that resonates with audiences and illuminates some of the many complex facets of the GLBT experience. Their edifying story is their legacy to dispel stereotypes and to help change hearts and minds, moving our nation forward towards providing equality for all its members.

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1. San Diego Film Festival, Sept. 29–Oct. 3, 2010
2. Long Beach Q Film Festival, Oct. 8–10, 2010
3. Reeling 29: Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival, Nov. 4–13, 2010
*** (Second Place, Audience Award for Short Film)***
4. Indianapolis GLBT Film Festival, Nov. 12–14, 2010
5. Des Moines Social Club, Des Moines, IA March 15, 2011
6. Love Unlimited Film Festival, Venice Beach, California, April 15–18, 2011
*** (Honorable Mention, Short Film)***
7. Out Film 24: Connecticut Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Hartford, CT May 26–June 4, 2011
8. Out Takes 2011: Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand, May 26–June 12 2011
9. Out Film: The Kentucky LGBT International Film Festival, Covington, KY, June 4, 2011
*** (Audience Choice Award, Short Film)***
*** (Special Jury Prize for Inspiring Hope and Education)***
10. Frameline 35: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, June 16–26, 2011
11. Palm Springs International Shortfest, Palm Springs, California, June 21–27, 2011
*** (Audience Favorite Documentary Short)***
12. Rhode Island International Film Festival, Providence, Aug. 9–14, 2011
*** (Honorable Mention, Best Documentary Short)***
13. FilmOut: San Diego LGBT Film Festival, Aug. 19–28, 2011
14. Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival, Austin, TX Sept. 6–12, 2011
15. Flickers North Country Film Festival, Brattleboro, VT October 2011
16. Eau Queer Film Festival, Eau Claire, WI Oct. 13–16 2011
17. Pittsburgh Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Oct. 14–23, 2011
18. Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Oct. 14–23, 2011
19. LesGaiCineMad, Madrid Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Madrid, Spain Nov. 3–13, 2011
20. Spokane Film Festival, Spokane, WA Nov. 4–6, 2011
21. Out in the Desert: Tucson International LGBT Film Festival, Tucson, AZ Feb. 17–26, 2012
22. Jamestown Arts Center RIFF Encore Screenings, Jamestown, RI Feb. 2012
23. CinHomo Film Festival, Valladolid, Spain, March 20, 2012
24. Cleveland 36th International Film Festival, Cleveland, OH March 22–April 1, 2012
*** (Honorable Mention, Best Short Film)***
25. American Academy of Religion Western Region Annual Conference, Santa Clara, CA March 28, 2012
26. Torino GLBT Film Festival, Turin, Italy April 19–25, 2012
27. Southern Maine Pride Festival, Portland, ME June 15, 2012
28. Birmingham SHOUT Film Festival, Birmingham, AL August 25–26, 2012
29. Llamale H International Film Festival, Montevideo, Uruguay, Sept. 1–8, 2012
30. North Louisiana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Shreveport, LA Sept. 7–12, 2012


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