Volley Tales – (Italy, 2010)

A band of gay Italian sportsmen makes a volleyball pilgrimage across Europe, smashing balls and breaking hearts. Gianni, the vanquisher. Pier, the heartbreaker. Gianni, the hellcat. Gennaro, the lone wolf. Renata, the diehard. Alessandro, the tenderhearted. Hopscotching from city to city in pursuit of gay volleyball titles, these hard-hitting heroes each have a tale to tell, or to chase.

864122_300x300Brian Christopher Griffin (New York, USA, 1976) graduated in Asian languages from New York University and received his master’s degree in foreign affairs at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Prior to becoming a filmmaker he worked for more than seven years as a researcher and educator on various projects involving international cooperation in the fight against AIDS. His first film, „Italiano per stranieri,” was an official short film selection at the 26th Torino Film Festival and winner of the „Avanti” Award for New Directors. He followed that with „Volley Tales,” a full-length documentary following the exploits of a gay Italian volleyball team traveling to tournaments across Europe. Brian lives and works in London.


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