Muslim Drag Queens – (UK, 2015)

Muslim_drag_queens_2462331n” Asif is Britain’s first out and proud Muslim drag queen, while Imran has created a female persona by the name of Zareena Khan in her search for love, and Ibrahim who is looking to enter the underground Gaysian community and embark on drag performance. The documentary also explores their struggle for acceptance and the conflicts they face to reconcile their sexuality and their faith.

Asif, who is better known as his glamorous alter-ego Asfia Lahore, said that he wants to speak to Prime Minister David Cameron about the „totally hidden” community that „needs a lot of help”. „I’d love to see certain charities that deal head-on with gay Muslims get more funding. I would like to see raising role models from within the community,” the 33-year-old star explained.

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01_25211114_914db0_2462586aI’d like to debate be pushed forward in faith communities itself, where there are roundtable discussions with British imams and getting our voices into the mosque as well.”   The cast of Muslim Drag Queens have said that they hope the film will raise awareness in the wider UK Asian community. ”  *(text **fragment – Sunday Express)


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