Dzi Croquettes – (Brasil, 2009)

220px-Dzi_Croquettes„Un film documentar de excepţie despre comunitatea teatrală/artistică gay, în Brazilia anilor ’70.”

The Dzi Croquettes were a groundbreaking dance and theater group who used their talent and a mix of humor and derision to challenge the violent dictatorship that gripped Brazil in the 1970s. Creating a new stage language that would influence an entire generation, this theater group revolutionized the gay movement despite being banned and censored by the military regime. Through interviews and archival footage of the group’s incredible performances, directors Raphael Alvarez and Tatiana Issa reveal the origin of the group, their relentless perfectionism, and their unexpected stroke of luck when Liza Minnelli becomes a godmother of sorts to them. Dzi 1086-9a R (2)However, it also gives a very honest account of the sadness of their final years when tension, egos, AIDS, and even murder ripped them apart. Winner of the Jury and Audience awards for best documentary at this year’s Rio and São Paulo film festivals, Dzi Croquettes combines juicy interviews with group members and current Brazilian and International artist to bring this unique act to a whole new generation. shapeimage_6Through it all, we see how this group never flinched from challenging conventional notions of acceptable “masculine” or “feminine” behavior.

**(filmul are subtitrare în limba engleză)


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