Tina and her Turners – (Australia, 2014)

Tina & Her Tuners – Mardi Gras Parade Documentary

„Sydney Maris Gras is fucking rad. It really is. If Cher was a month she would be March in Sydney. Big, camp, sparkly ridiculous and fun.  I actually came to Sydney for the first time when I was just a young 18 year old form my little village in England. I was travelling around the world  and by pure chance ended up in Sydney the week of Mardi Gras. I’d never even heard of it before coming. I think Cher was holding my destiny card that day.  Sydney Mardi gras was the first time I had really done something gay on mass, i’d only really met a couple of gay people before that. It blow my mind and genuinely changed me as a person. Making me bold and brave enough to go home from my travels and come out to friends and family. I Moved to Sydney exactly 10 years later the week of Mardi Gras and the magic was still well and truly there. ”

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