Adrian Schiop – (Romania, 2016)

Adrian Schiop (born in 1973) is a Roumanian writer and independent journalist. He published three novels and has a PH D in manele music, a musical genre that is seldom associated with Roma (gypsy) people and with the lower social class and those songs rarely finds its place in the academic environment. Adrian Schiop has a fine tuned anthropological eye, sensitive to social changes of the generations and on how impact of economic changes on the society and individuals. His latest novel ‘Soldații. Poveste de Ferentari’ [The Soldiers. Story of Ferentari], partly an auto-biographic story about a gay love, is taking place in Ferenatari Neighborhood – a ghetto of Bucharest that seems like stucked in the ‘90, a social universe full of taboos and complex social relations of what can be considered the periphery of the society. [Interview: Irina Ilisei Translation: Vlad Costea] ** in Roumanian with English subtitles


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