The Only Gay On The Estate? – UK, 2011

tx cardMichael Ogden makes a personal journey back to his roots in Manchester, exploring his past as a closeted gay teenager and meeting up with his childhood best friend, David, a boy he bullied for being gay. Michael lived in a neighbourhood where being gay was far from accepted. To hide who he really was, he led a double life; to the outside world he was a straight, teenage boy playing football with the lads and going out with local girls while secretly lusting over Ryan Giggs posters. Fearing his secret would be exposed, he also decided that his best friend at the time, a camp lad called David, had to go. Sixteen years later Michael has decided to retrace his past. He wants to know what happened to David after he attacked him in the school playground all those years ago. This First Cut film provides an intimate look into Michael’s journey as he quickly discovers that he not only needs to confront his past, but also his present. Michael still hasn’t told his parents that he¿s gay or that his flatmate is actually his boyfriend of five years. For Michael, this film becomes an opportunity to clear the air once and for all, confronting those closest to him with who he really is, including an emotional encounter with the boy he bullied all those years ago. It originally aired on 21st July 2011


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